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Finally finished reading BioShock Rapture!

I feel so ready to jump in and experience BioShock properly now, all the way through. Having played it in bits before I saw things and visited places that were interesting and unique, but now I’ll be experiencing all that goodness with so much more knowledge about what I’m seeing. Rapture is such a cool and mysterious place and I love learning about it!

I’m hoping there’ll be some things in-game I’ll notice specifically from the book. People or places or marks on the environment, I can think of stuff I’m excited to see already!

I want to thank John Shirley for writing the book too. I read the authors notes and it seems like something he cared about and deeply sunk himself into, almost purely as fan service for a relatively small audience. Ken Levine too, for letting it happen.

I won’t go into it much, but this is why I find transmedia so interesting. Expanding worlds and enriching experiences in meaningful, worthwhile and planned ways. I wrote my dissertation on transmedia, it’s great to experience more of it. I’ll definitely be reading BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt before settling into Columbia! Love having these rich supplements to the greater experience!

For sure reading Uncharted: The Fourth Labrynth next. Maybe the Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank Graphic Novels too! And maybe, just maybe one day.. I’ll dive into Halo..

Side note: I’m reading this stuff as eBooks..on my iPhone, say whaaaat! Not a bad way to read in short bursts, the bookmarking makes it super easy to jump in and during downtime at work, and having a Night mode for when I’m in bed makes my eyes say thank you!

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